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Alex Barrette

Director of Sales & Business Development

Alex Barrette is incredibly successful at sales because he genuinely puts himself in the shoes of the buyer every time. He won’t go near selling a new product until he has confidently determined that all potential concerns have been eliminated. This approach has ensured that both retail homebuyers and commercial construction clients enjoy the highest quality products as well as the knowledge that they have made an investment that makes good financial sense. Alex insists on the highest degree of customer satisfaction, whether the customer is a young family buying a starter home or a seasoned builder buying a tract of land.

Having travelled extensively, Alex applies a worldly perspective to both the product design process and the manner in which each product is positioned and marketed. His long experience in listening to the needs of homebuyers profoundly shapes the management of relations between customers and their builder and helps keep Landlab’s offerings in high demand. His enthusiasm for making a good deal is happily contagious and highly effective.

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